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At ActumAdvocats, we have lawyers specialized in banking and regulation, who can support all legal issues specific to banking. If you are looking for a firm specializing in banking law in Girona, as an outsourced legal department or to complement your own internal teams, we are your choice.

Through the banking and finance practice area we advise our clients, individuals, financial companies , top level financial institutions and entities, in the development of financial operations in Girona, Catalonia and abroad linked to this jurisdiction.

The expertise of ourbanking and regulatorylawyers ranges from banking contract law and regulatory compliance and litigation advice to new banking products and financial instruments.

With extensive knowledge of banking market trends, the law firm formed by ActumAdvocats, At ActumAdvocats, specialist lawyers in banking law in Girona, we provide both local advice and multi-jurisdictional experience, adopting a… is able to anticipate changes in banking and financial regulation and offer a tailored service to clients such as banks, companies, financial service providers, investment funds and public authorities.

For years we have been defending our private clients against abusive banking products, such as preferred shares, swaps, etc. We are also experts in claiming the nullity of abusive mortgage clauses, mortgage defaults, Land Clause. We advise you to recover the money associated with the so-called Single Clause. Don’t stop claiming what is rightfully yours.

At ActumAdvocats, lawyers specializing in banking law in Girona, we provide both local advice and multi-jurisdictional experience, adopting a personalized approach to select the teams that best suit the scope of each matter.

Do I really need a lawyer specializing in banking law in Girona?

Banking law is the branch of law that studies the rules that regulate the operation of banks and banking activities and, in general, all financial institutions.

Many financial entities have been approved as banks in order to subject them to banking regulations, which is why banking and financial law are often spoken of together. However, within this field there are also specific rules for each type of entity, be it banks, savings banks, credit unions, financing entities, etc.

Matters relating to financial markets and relationships between banking entities and clients are also included in this denomination. Thus, we understand banking activity both from the point of view of business or contractual relations and the organizational system of the entities.

If you are looking for advice on banking law in Girona, or if you want to defend yourself against any infringement by your financial institution, we can help you. Feel free to contact us at any time. Lawyers specializing in banking law in Girona. If you want to get more information about our experience in banking law and regulation, click here.

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