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ACTUM stands out especially for its stake especially for having a team of lawyers who have a long experience in legal advice in labor law . We are labor lawyers specializing in disciplinary dismissals, objective dismissals, unfair dismissals and compensation, nationally and internationally.

Likewise, ACTUM is involved in the associative fabric of the Province of Girona, being part of organizations such as the Youth Association Empresaris de Girona, or PIMEC, which allows us to increase our resources and offer our clients advice that goes beyond the legal answer.

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Civil Law

At Actum Advocats we have lawyers who are experts in Civil Law, so we can provide a specialized and quality service in this sector.

Real Estate Law

Of particular relevance in everything related to the acquisition, transmission and management of real estate assets.

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Procedural Law

Intervention in any type of procedure and jurisdiction, especially in civil and commercial jurisdictions

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Commercial Law

Every company, whether limited liability or anonymous, requires careful management to obtain the maximization of profits, being vital the appropriate adoption of business decisions that not only allow to increase the profit margin, but also to reduce the losses inherent in the business management. It is for this reason that Actum Advocats advises you in any decision of legal content: from the formation of the administrative body, to the type of contract suitable for a certain operation.

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Criminal Law

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Administrative Law

Abogados en Vidreres

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