Advice and management of inheritances in Vidreres, Girona

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Inheritance advice and management in Vidreres, Girona

Actum Advocats, lawyers specializing in Vidreres inheritances, opens the doors of their offices to you, we are lawyers who are experts in inheritances, wills and successions. Our renowned lawyers are specialized in legally assisting in the sale of inheritances, partition of inheritances, hereditary and undivided rights. We are a law firm made up of legal professionals with proven experience, with each member of the firm having a specific specialization, in order to provide the best advice.

Our office is located in the center of the city of Vidreres, and already treasures twelve YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. An entire career dedicated to tax and legal advice on inheritances and wills. Throughout all this time, we have processed and managed more than five hundred inheritances, becoming a leading law firm and reference in its sector.

We will manage for you the sale, assignment and rental of your property with a guarantee. From the very beginning, we will advise you on inheritances. We maintain a vocation based on advising and helping the client; offering our professionalism, proactivity, knowledge and experience at your service.

You should know that Actum Advocats has:

– Strict ethical code of our team

– Our lawyers are members of the Illustrious Bar Association of Girona

Our purpose, as lawyers specializing in inheritances, within a wider legal framework, is to provide a quality comprehensive service. For this reason, our law firm has lawyers who carefully study the best way to advise in hereditary succession law processes, while the tax department, made up of economists and tax lawyers, will propose a focused savings study in the costs of receiving the inheritance.

Our firm of expert lawyers in inheritances and wills in Vidreres, Girona, works effectively for our clients, so that we we take care of all the procedures necessary to bring your case, so that you don’t have to waste your time making arrangements, we also advise you on inheritance tax law.

A Actumadvocats, lawyers specialized in Vidreres inheritances</strong >, our goal is to make our experience available to you, these are some of the services we offer:

  • Acceptance of inheritance
  • Partition of inheritance
  • Inheritance taxes
  • Living inheritances
  • Inheritance and treasury
  • Judicial Division of Inheritance
  • Inheritance and genetics
  • Claim of Legitimate and Legacies
  • Unclaimed and unclaimed inheritances
  • Declaration of heirs

Our basis as a law firm derives from the talent and involvement of our lawyers, always attentive to our clients and with a clear vocation towards high quality in the provision of legal services. Our experience and knowledge back us up. During the last year we have partially or fully managed 46 clients successfully. Legal consultations with personalized advice. Lawyers specializing in inheritance Vidreres Girona.

We work effectively for our clients without wasting their time. Our specialty is property law, executors lawyers, we calculate the right for you. We are experts in inheritance law.

If you wish, you can call us at lawyers specializing in Vidreres inheritances, or leave your number so we can advise you. Please note that the first consultation about inheritances, successions and wills is handled free of charge…

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